5 years ago


Ded na si Lolo Trailer (dir. Soxie Topacio)


Ded na si Lolo highlights the superstitions that Filipinos hold when it comes to death. Through the eyes of a young boy (played by BJ Forbes), moviegoers will also see the economics involved in burying our beloved dead. (via)

Sa totoo lang bumenta pa rin sa akin si Roderick Paulate. Hindi ko mapigilan ang kakatawa. Bukod sa Agaton and Mindy ay maaaring panoorin ko ito. Panoorin ang trailer!

OMG! I grew up watching Roderick and Manilyn. This looks hilarious and it totally reminds me of actual funerals when I was back in the Philippines. “Arrraaay!… Aray! Itay!… Ang sakit! Ba’t mo ‘ko iniwan itay!”

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